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APC SURT3000UXI-CH Smart UPS RT 3000UX, 3000VA/2700W, Online, Tower/Rack-Mount 3U, Single Phase 220V/230V/240V, 8x IEC C13 + 2x IEC C19, Hardwired, LCD Extended Runtime Model with External Battery

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This APC Smart-UPS RT is designed for IT professionals or network administrators to maintain business uptime and continuity. This 3kVA on-line tower/rackmount UPS provides pure sine wave power and extended runtime to support critical electronics during power disruptions. It comes with1 hardwire 3-wire (1PH+N+G), 1 hardwire 5-wire (3PH + N + G) , 8x IEC 320 C13、2xIEC 60320 C19 and 2x 1 IEC Jumpers outlets. It has a SmartSlot for optional Network Management Card that enables graceful shutdown of physical servers, virtual machines & HCI Clusters via PowerChute Network Shutdown. The UPS can connect to EcoStruxure IT or third-party centralized management platforms. The UPS has a 2-year warranty. The UPS is compatible with SRTRK4 (4-post) and SRTRK3 (2-post) rail kits sold separately.


APC SMART UPS RT Series Products Order Checklist
Standard Model with
 Built-in Battery
Product Feature Description
SURT1000XLI-CH(2U)APC SMART UPS RT 1000VA/900W;230VAC;LCD Display; 48VDC
SURT2000XLI-CH(2U)APC SMART UPS RT 2000VA/1800W;230VAC;LCD Display; 48VDC
SURT3000XLI-CH(3U)APC SMART UPS RT 3000VA/2700W;230VAC;LCD Display; 96VADC
SURT5000XLI-CH(3U)APC SMART UPS RT 5000VA/5000W;230VAC;LCD Display; 192VDC
SURT6000XLI-CH(3U)APC SMART UPS RT 6000VA/6000W;230VAC;LCD Display; 192VDC
SURT8000XLI-CH(6U)RT 8000VA/8000W;Single-phase 230VAC;Three-phase 380VAC;
LCD Display; ±192VDC
SURT10000XLI-CH(6U)RT 10000VA/10000W;Single-phase 230VAC;Three-phase 380VAC;
LCD Display; ±192VDC
 Extended Runtime ModelProduct Feature Description
LCD Display; Extended 48VDC
LCD Display;Extended 48VDC
LCD Display;Extended 96VDC
LCD Display;Extended 192VDC
LCD Display;Extended 192VDC
SURT8000UXI-CH(6U) RT 8000UX/8000W;Single-phase 230VAC;Three-phase 380VAC;
LCD Display;Extended ±192VDC
SURT10000UXI-CH(6U)RT 10000UX/10000W;Single-phase 230VAC;Three-phase 380VAC;
LCD Display;Extended ±192VDC
SURT15KUXI-CH(6U) RT 15000UX/15000W;Single-phase 230VAC;Three-phase 380VAC;
LCD Display;Extended ±192VDC
SURT20KUXI-CH(6U) RT 20000UX/20000W;Single-phase 230VAC;Three-phase 380VAC;
LCD Display;Extended ±192VDC
Extended Battery PackProduct Feature Description
SURT48XLBP-CH(2U)Extended Battery Pack for  SURT1000/2000
SURT96XLBP-CH(3U)Extended Battery Pack for  SURT3000
SURT192XLBP-CH(3U)Extended Battery Pack for  SURT5K/6K/8K/10K
SURT192XLBP2-CH(6U)Extended Battery Pack for  SURT15K/20K
Replace Battery CartridgeProduct Feature Description
RBC31Replace By APCRBC48BP-CH  
Replace Battery Cartridge for SURT1000XLICH/SURT2000XLICH 
RBC44Replace By APCRBC140 
Replace Battery Cartridge for  SURT3000XLICH/5K/6K/8K/10K
APCRBC140Replace Battery Cartridge for SURT3K/5K/6K/8K/10K/SURT96XLBP-CH/
APCRBC48BP-CHReplace Battery Cartridge for SURT1K/2K/SURT48XLBP-CH
APCRBC96BP-CHReplace Battery Cartridge for SURT3K/SURT96XLBP-CH
APCRBC192BP-CHReplace Battery Cartridge for SURT5K/6K/8K/10K/
Installation Accessories
Product Feature Description
SURTRK3-CHSuitable for SURT8K/10K/15K/20K/SURT192XLBP2-CH
Power Management 
Product Feature Description
AP9641Third-generation network management card 
with environmental monitoring capabilities, 
supports SNMP, Modbus TCP, and BACnet 
(built-in for 5-20kVA models).
AP9640Third-generation network management card, 
supports SNMP, Modbus TCP, and BACnet.
AP9643Third-generation network management card 
with environmental monitoring and Modbus
 support, compatible with SNMP, Modbus TCP,
 Modbus RTU, and BACnet.
AP9613Relay Input/Output Card
AP9810Relay Input/Output Accessory, provides additional
 dry contact interfaces for network 
management cards such as AP9641/AP9643.
AP9834Provides Wi-Fi support for network management
 cards such as AP9641/AP9643.

Here are the detailed technical specifications for the SURT3000UXI-CH model from the Smart-UPS RT series:

### SURT3000UXI-CH

#### Output

- **Rated Capacity:** 3kVA / 2.7kW

- **Rated Output Voltage:** 220V (default) / 230V / 240V

- **Output Voltage Accuracy:** ±1% (static), ±5% (dynamic)

- **Output Frequency:** 50/60 Hz ± 3 Hz (adaptive), 50/60 Hz ± 0.1 Hz (user-configurable)

- **Output Voltage Distortion:** <2% (linear load), <4% (non-linear load)

- **Crest Factor:** 3:1

- **Full Load Efficiency:** Typical value of 92% in online mode, typical value of 97% in efficient mode

#### Overload Capacity

- Continuous operation at ≤105%, 1 minute at 125%, 30 seconds at 150%, 3 seconds at 180%

#### Output Interface

- (8) IEC C13, (2) IEC C19

#### Input

- **Rated Input Voltage:** 220V (default) / 230V / 240V

- **Input Voltage Range:** 160~275 VAC (full load), 100~275VAC (derating to 50%~100%)

- **Input Frequency:** 40~70Hz

- **Input Power Factor:** > 0.99

- **Input Current Distortion (THDI):** <5%

- **Input Interface:** IEC C20

#### Battery

- **Battery Type:** Maintenance-free VRLA lead-acid battery

- **Standard Charging Time to 90% Capacity:** <3 hours

- **Battery Voltage:** 96VDC

- **Charging Current:** XLI model: 1A / UXI model: 6A max.

- **Typical Runtime (Half Load/Full Load):** 10.9 minutes / 3.4 minutes

#### Communication and Management

- **Communication Interface:** (1) SmartSlot accessory card slot; (1) Serial communication port

- **Control Panel:** Multifunctional LCD

- **Included:** PowerChute Business Edition for Windows 10/11, Windows Server 2016/2019/2022, SuSE Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

- **Power Management Software:** Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXi

- **Emergency Power Off (EPO):** Yes

#### Physical Characteristics

- **Installation:** Rack/tower convertible

- **Dimensions:** 438*130*557 mm (3U)

- **Weight:** XLI model: 29.90kg / UXI model: 14.45kg

- **Color:** Black

#### Environmental Parameters

- **Operating Environment Requirements:** Temperature 0~55°C (0~40°C derating), Humidity 0~95% (non-condensing), Altitude 0~3000 meters (>1000 meters derating)

- **Storage Environment Requirements:** Temperature -20~60°C, Humidity 0~95% (non-condensing), Altitude 0~15000 meters

- **Noise (1 meter):** <55 db

#### Protection Level

- **Protection Level:** IP20

#### Standards and Warranty

- **Standard/Certification:** CE, TLC, EN/IEC62040-1, EN/IEC62040-2, EN/IEC61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, RoHS, REACH

- **Warranty:** 2 years

#### Ordering Guide

- **Product Model:** SURT3000UXI-CH

- **Rail Model:** SURTRK2-CH

- **Built-in Battery Pack Model:** APCRBC96BP-CH

- **Extended Runtime Battery Pack Model:** SURT96XLBP-CH