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SUVT10KS-APC Smart-UPS VT, 10kVA/8KW, with 380VAC input and 380VAC output, comes with 5x8 startup service, internal maintenance bypass, and parallel capability.

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**Smart-UPS VT Features & Options**

**High Performance**
- Achieves up to 96% efficiency even at low load levels
- Features a wide input voltage tolerance to ensure compatibility with low-quality power grids
- Minimizes input/output signal distortion
- Offers parallel capability up to 4 units for redundant configurations or capacity extension

**Easy Maintenance**
- Product design allows for quick maintenance in case of failure, enhancing load availability
- Utilizes a slide-in/out concept for the power module for a swift return to normal operation
- Incorporates hot-swappable batteries for rapid and effortless replacement

- Built-in features of the Smart-UPS VT, combined with APC's leading management solutions, simplify management and monitoring, both proactively and upon failure
- Enables remote management of the UPS over network or telephone lines
- Supports centralized management via InfraStruXure Manager

**Comprehensive Services Offering**
- Smart-UPS VT product design, supported by APC by Schneider Electric's world-class Services organization, offers the peace of mind required by any business-critical application
- Includes on-site audits, maintenance contracts, battery replacement, and remote monitoring for maximized uptime

- Smart-UPS VT product offering provides a range of options
- Service Bypass Panel Stand-alone
- Service Bypass Panel with distribution
- Circuit breaker panel
- Power Availability
- 1-year repair or replace

SUVT10KS-APC Smart-UPS VT, 10kVA, with 380VAC input and 380VAC output, comes with 5x8 startup service, internal maintenance bypass, and parallel capability.

**High Availability**

The Smart-UPS VT features dual-mains inputs, automatic and maintenance bypasses, and scalable runtime with hot-swappable batteries that are quick and easy to replace, enhancing availability. Its compatibility with leading remote management applications, along with an intuitive LCD user interface and LED status indicators, ensures maximum availability for critical business applications.

**A Versatile Product**

The Smart-UPS VT is available in various configurations to suit specific installation needs:

- 10 / 15 / 20 / 30 / 40kVA options

- Three different enclosures, ranging from classic wide or narrow towers to small enclosures without batteries

- Flexible runtime capacity:

  - Utilizing hot-swappable batteries and extended run enclosures

  - Supporting up to 4 internal battery strings and external extended runtime enclosures

- Compatibility with generators, transformers, etc.

**Reduced Total Cost of Ownership**

The intelligent design of the Smart-UPS VT leads to a significant reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) and makes it the preferred choice over time:

- Best-in-class efficiency, even at low load levels, minimizes energy losses and operating costs

- Compact, small footprint design optimizes floor space

- Input power factor correction reduces installation costs

- Reduction of electrical infrastructure rating requirements (wire, transformers, generators, etc.)

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Appearance: The UPS is not equipped with a battery. Third-party battery systems must be purchased separately.

**Delivery Lead Time**  

Usually delivered within 2 weeks.

**Key Information**  

- **Load Running Time**: 8000 watts, with a range from minimum 800 watts to maximum 8000 watts.

- **Maximum Utilized Capacity**: 100%

- **Main Input Voltage**: 400 V 3-phase

- **Other Input Voltages**: 380 V, 415 V

- **Main Output Voltage**: 400 V 3-phase

- **Other Output Voltages**: 380 V, 415 V

- **Rated Power**: 8000 W (watts), 10000 VA (volt-amperes)

- **Output Connector Type**: Hardwire 4-wire (3PH + G) 1, Hardwire 5-wire (3PH + N + G) 1

- **Wiring Capability**: 1 screw terminal

- **Included Equipment**: Software CD, installation guide, network management card pre-installed with power modules, user manual, bolt-down brackets, startup included

- **Battery and Runtime**:

  - **Runtime**: View Runtime Graph

  - **Efficiency**: View Efficiency Graph

  - **Battery Type**: External battery system, pre-installed batteries 0, empty battery slots 0, automatically detectable, expandable delay time 0

- **General**: Topology is double conversion online, no empty slots, no filled slots, not redundant

- **Physical Parameters**:

  - **Color**: Black

  - **Dimensions**: Height 82.3 cm, Width 35.2 cm, Depth 81.3 cm

  - **Weight**: Net weight 134 kg

  - **Installation Location**: Front-facing, not rack-mountable, two post-mountable 0

  - **USB Compatibility**: No

- **Input**:

  - **Network Frequency**: 47 to 70 Hz auto-sensing

  - **Number of Input Connectors**: 1 hardwire 5-wire (3PH + N + G)

  - **Input Voltage Range**: 304 to 477 V

  - **Maximum Input Current**: 14 A

  - **Switching Current Capability**: 20 A

  - **Input Power Factor at Full Load**: 0.98

- **Output**:

  - **Maximum Configurable Power**: 10000 VA

  - **Maximum Configurable Power (Watts)**: 8000 W

  - **Output Frequency (Synced with Mains)**: 47 to 53 Hz, 50 Hz nominal value synced with mains frequency, 50 Hz +/- 0.1% unsynced

  - **Wave Type**: Sinewave

  - **Harmonic Distortion**: Less than 5% at full load

  - **Maximum Output Current**: 16 A

  - **Crest Factor**: 3:1

  - **Bypass Type**: Internal maintenance bypass, internal static bypass

- **Other Parameters**: Configurable for 380, 400, or 415 V 3-phase rated output voltage

- **Compliance**: Product certifications include C-Tick, CE, RCM

- **Environment**:

  - **Operating Temperature**: 0 to 40°C

  - **Relative Humidity**: 0 to 95%

  - **Operating Altitude**: 0 to 3333 ft

  - **Storage Temperature**: -50 to 40°C

  - **Storage Relative Humidity**: 0 to 95%

  - **Storage Altitude**: 0 to 15240 m

  - **Sound Level**: 64 dBA

  - **Heat Dissipation**: 1774 Btu/h

  - **IP Protection Rating**: IP20

- **Communication and Management**:

  - **Free Slots**: 0

  - **Pre-installed SmartSlot™ Card**: Network management card 2 with environmental monitoring and alarm features; audible and visible alarms prioritized by severity

  - **Emergency Power Off**: Yes

- **Packaging Unit**:

  - **Unit Type of Package**: PCE

  - **Number of Units in Package**: 1

  - **Package Height**: 129 cm

  - **Package Width**: 111 cm

  - **Package Length**: 72 cm

  - **Package Weight**: 173 kg

- **Contract Warranty**: 1-year maintenance or replacement service, startup service included