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Can two UPS share a battery?

Can two UPS share a battery?

The answer is: Usually not, but in some special cases it is possible.

Why can't they share a battery in general?

  • Each UPS system is usually designed to work independently and has its own battery management and charging and discharging control system.

  • If two UPS are directly connected to the same battery, it may cause battery management confusion and affect the normal operation of the UPS.

In what cases can they share a battery?

  • Some specially designed UPS systems may support collaboration between multiple UPS and can share the same battery pack.

  • This usually requires special hardware and software support to ensure that the battery charging and discharging process is coordinated.


  • Before sharing the battery, be sure to check the UPS specifications and manufacturer's documentation to determine if it supports this feature.

  • Even if sharing is supported, it is necessary to ensure that the settings and parameters of the UPS are consistent to avoid battery damage or UPS operation failure.



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