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What are the symptoms of battery failure?

Symptoms of battery failure

Battery failure refers to the situation where the battery cannot work properly or its performance declines. There are many kinds of symptoms of battery failure, among which the most common ones are:

  • Insufficient capacity: Battery insufficient capacity means that the battery cannot store enough power. Insufficient battery capacity will lead to shorter battery life.

  • Low voltage: Battery low voltage means that the battery voltage is lower than normal. Low battery voltage will cause the battery to not be able to supply power normally.

  • Unable to charge and discharge: The battery cannot be charged and discharged, which means that the battery cannot be charged or discharged. The inability of the battery to charge and discharge will result in the battery being unusable.

  • Expansion: Battery expansion refers to the expansion of the battery volume. Battery expansion will damage the battery, and even explode.

  • Acidification: Battery acidification refers to the acidification of the electrolyte inside the battery. Battery acidification will corrode the battery and shorten the battery life.

Specific causes of different battery failure symptoms

  • Insufficient capacity

    • Battery aging

    • Over discharge of battery

    • Internal short circuit of battery

  • Low voltage

    • Battery aging

    • Battery sulfidation

    • Internal short circuit of battery

  • Unable to charge and discharge

    • Battery aging

    • Internal short circuit of battery

    • Battery damage

  • Expansion

    • Overcharge of battery

    • Internal short circuit of battery

    • Battery damage

  • Acidification

    • Battery aging

    • Overcharge of battery

    • Internal short circuit of battery

How to prevent battery failure

  • Use the battery correctly

    • Use the battery according to the instructions

  • Regularly maintain the battery

    • Regularly check the battery status


Battery failure is a common phenomenon. It is possible to judge whether the battery is faulty by observing the battery symptoms. In order to prolong the battery life, the battery should be used and maintained correctly.



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