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G3LUPS300KHTS - Schneider UPS 300KW Galaxy 3L 300KVA 400V 3-phase in and out, TLC certified, 5x8 startup, supports expansion with 5 parallel units or 5+1 parallel redundancy.

As a member of the Schneider UPS family, the Galaxy 3L 250-600KVA is a three-phase product designed for medium to large commercial and industrial buildings, data centers, and hosting facilities, providing high availability and predictability of power protection with simple configuration, easy operation, and convenient serviceability.

Reliable Design, Flexible Architecture:
- Fault-tolerant design of power modules enhances availability
- Wide range of battery voltage for compatibility with third-party battery solutions
- Flexibility to adapt to your needs
- Supports 5+1 parallel redundancy
- Supports N+N redundant configuration
- Provides more reliable protection for critical loads
- Built-in dust filter
- IP20 protection rating
- PCB triple coating
- Wide input voltage range
- Rat guard

Lower TCO, Optimized Total Cost of Ownership:
- Compact size, minimizing footprint
- Double conversion mode efficiency up to 96%
- Supports 1+1 parallel sharing of battery packs, reducing battery costs and footprint
- Optional accessories and features available as needed

G3LUPS300KHTS - Schneider UPS 300KW Galaxy 3L 300KVA 400V 3-phase in and out, TLC certified, 5x8 startup, supports expansion with 5 parallel units or 5+1 parallel redundancy. 



The Schneider Electric Galaxy 3L is a 300 kVA 3-phase UPS designed for easy configuration, operation, and serviceability. Featuring competitive specifications, a compact footprint, and redundant designs, it ensures business continuity in various environments such as shop floors, electrical rooms, or data centers. The package includes a 5x8 start-up service.

Lead Time

Typically delivered within 2 weeks.

Key Information

- Main Input Voltage: 400V 3-phase

- Other Input Voltage: 380V, 415V

- Main Output Voltage: 400V 3-phase

- Other Output Voltage: 380V, 415V

- Rated Power [W]: 300 kW

- Rated Power [VA]: 300 kVA

- Included Equipment: Dust filter, installation manual, start-up service

- Battery Type: External battery system

- Battery Voltage: +/- 216V to +/- 300V

- Maximum Short-Circuit Current: 35 kA

- End of Discharge Voltage: +/- 172.8V to +/- 240V

Physical Parameters

- Color: White (RAL 9003)

- Height: 197 cm

- Width: 60 cm

- Depth: 85 cm

- Net Weight: 449 kg

- USB Compatible: Yes


- Maximum Input Current: 486 A

- Maximum Withstand Short-Circuit Current: 35 kA

- Input Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 3% at full load

- Input Voltage Range: 323V to 477V

- Network Frequency: 40-70 Hz


- Maximum Configurable Power in VA: 300 kVA

- Maximum Configurable Power (Watt): 270 kW

- Output Frequency (Synced with Mains): 50 Hz and 60 Hz

- Output Voltage THD: Less than 2% linear load and less than 4% non-linear load

- Overload Capability: 125% for 10 minutes, 150% for 60 seconds

Topology and Compliance

- Topology: Double conversion online

- Product Certification: CE, EAC, RCM


- Operating Temperature: 0-40°C

- Relative Humidity: 0-95% non-condensing

- Operating Altitude: 0-4921 ft

- Storage Temperature: -25-55°C

- Storage Relative Humidity: 0-95% non-condensing

- Storage Altitude: 0.00-14999.82 m

- Sound Level: 70 dB

- Heat Dissipation: 59386 Btu/h

- IP Protection Rating: IP20

Communication and Management

- Alarm Functionality: Touchscreen LCD user interface

Packaging Unit

- Unit Type of Package: PCE

- Number of Units in Package: 1

- Package Dimensions: 2117 mm (H) x 1000 mm (W) x 800 mm (L)

- Package Weight: 503 kg

Contract Warranty

- Warranty: 1-year on-site repair or replacement with factory authorized Start-Up