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Why do different size batteries need different designed plates?

Different size batteries need to use different designed plates, mainly for the following reasons:

  • Different battery capacities

Battery capacity refers to the amount of electricity that a battery can store, and the unit is ampere hour (Ah). The larger the battery capacity, the larger the size and weight of the battery. Therefore, batteries of different capacities need to use different sizes of plates.

  • Different battery voltages

Battery voltage refers to the voltage across the battery, and the unit is volt (V). The higher the battery voltage, the battery plate material and structure need to be different.

  • Different battery usage environments

The battery usage environment also has a great impact on the battery design. For example, batteries used in high temperature environments need to use high temperature resistant plate materials.

Customer requirements

Customers have different requirements for the size, weight, capacity, voltage, and life of the battery. Therefore, battery designers need to design battery plates based on customer needs.

Designer's considerations

When designing plates, battery designers need to consider the following factors:

  • Battery capacity and voltage

  • Battery usage environment

  • Battery cost


Different size batteries need to use different designed plates to meet the needs of different customers and usage environments.



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