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UPS Power Supply: Introducing the BVS240XDPDR/BVS480XDPDR

UPS Power Supply: Introducing the BVS240XDPDR/BVS480XDPDR

When it comes to ensuring uninterrupted power supply for critical systems, the BVS240XDPDR and BVS480XDPDR UPS models from Science and Technology Corporation (STC) are reliable choices. These UPS units provide power capacity of 240W and 480W respectively, offering a robust solution for various applications.

Designed for efficiency and versatility, the BVS240XDPDR and BVS480XDPDR UPS models come with a range of features to meet the power demands of modern devices. The input connection is hardwired with a 24V DC input, while the output connection is also hardwired with a 24V DC output. This ensures stable power delivery and compatibility with a wide range of equipment.

With an input voltage range of 21.6 to 28.6 Vdc, these UPS units are capable of handling fluctuating power inputs, providing consistent and reliable power output. The installation type is DIN rail mounting, allowing for easy and secure installation in various setups.

One of the critical aspects of any UPS system is its backup time, as it determines how long the system can sustain power in the event of a mains power failure. The BVS240XDPDR and BVS480XDPDR UPS models offer impressive backup times. With a single battery module, they provide a backup time of 10 minutes at 10A and 3 minutes at 20A, ensuring sufficient time for critical systems to safely shut down or switch to alternative power sources.

In terms of size, the UPS dimensions are compact and space-efficient, measuring 40mm in width, 129mm in height, and 119mm in depth. This compact design allows for flexible installation options, even in limited spaces.

Operating temperature is another crucial factor to consider, especially for UPS units that may be deployed in various environments. The BVS240XDPDR and BVS480XDPDR UPS models have a wide operating temperature range of -15°C to 50°C, enabling reliable performance even in challenging conditions.

Communication capabilities are also integrated into these UPS models. They feature relay I/O and LED indicators for easy monitoring and status notifications. This allows for seamless integration with other systems and provides real-time visibility into the UPS operation.

For additional power capacity and backup time, the BVS240XDPDR and BVS480XDPDR UPS models support the parallel connection of up to four battery modules. This enables users to scale up their power backup capabilities according to their specific requirements.

Furthermore, these UPS models have obtained essential certifications such as CE and UKCA, ensuring compliance with international safety and quality standards. This provides users with confidence in the reliability and performance of the UPS units.

In conclusion, the BVS240XDPDR and BVS480XDPDR UPS models from STC offer a secure and efficient power supply solution for a wide range of applications. With their impressive power capacity, reliable backup time, compact design, wide operating temperature range, and communication capabilities, these UPS units are well-equipped to safeguard critical systems and ensure uninterrupted power supply in various environments.



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