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Aobenergy Participated in the 2023 China International Railway and Urban Rail Transit Conference

Aobenergy Participated in the 2023 China International Railway and Urban Rail Transit Conference

Promote the integration of energy and industry, and support the green and sustainable development of the rail transit industry

Nanjing, China, March 16, 2023- Recently, the 2023 China International Railway and Urban Rail Transit Conference was successfully held in Nanjing. This conference, with the theme of "integration, green, and intelligence", has established an exchange platform for experts, scholars, and enterprises in the field of rail transit to showcase their theoretical research and application achievements. Aobenergy, an expert in Digital transformation in the field of global energy management and automation, was invited to attend and delivered a speech at the "Seminar on Green Rail Transit Development under the Dual Carbon Strategy". Aobenergy's guests deeply discussed the new situation and pattern of energy conservation and carbon reduction in the rail transit industry, as well as the application of innovative technologies and solutions.

The construction of transport infrastructure plays a leading, basic, strategic and service role in the national economy, and is also an important support for sustainable development. The "Action Plan for Carbon Peaking before 2030" issued by the State Council emphasizes the implementation of the "Green and Low Carbon Action for Transportation" and other top ten actions for carbon peaking. This action has made "green and low carbon" an important trend in industry development. In this context, the rail transit industry, as a public transport infrastructure and a backbone transport mode to guide green travel, has accelerated its green and low-carbon transformation and become an important measure to achieve the goal of "dual carbon".

The trend is towards deep integration of rail transit and energy emission reduction

In recent years, guided by the trend of "green and low-carbon", the rail transit industry has continuously deepened the integration of energy and industry, accelerating the pace of green transformation. The "Action Plan for Green Urban Rail Transit Development" released in August last year formulated six major green urban rail development actions and six implementation guarantee measures, drawing a blueprint for green development for the rail transit industry. This year, the National Railway Administration's project "Technical Research on Achieving Carbon Peak Goals in the Railway Industry" proposed that we should further carry out research on technical measures for energy conservation and carbon reduction in the railway industry, starting with energy conservation and carbon reduction in traction systems and housing buildings, under the guidance of promoting low-carbon transformation of transportation equipment, building a green and efficient transportation system, and accelerating the construction of green transport infrastructure. Currently, how to further improve energy efficiency, improve resource utilization, and promote the transformation of the energy structure of the entire industry has become an important issue that the rail transit industry urgently needs to tackle.

As a practitioner and enabler of sustainable development, Schneider Electric has always partnered with the urban rail transit industry to create an end-to-end green supply chain that includes green design, green procurement, green production, green delivery, and green operation and maintenance, and continuously contributes to the sustainable development of the industry through innovative technology based solutions. At present, Schneider Electric has provided active pre-sales support, efficient supply cooperation, and professional after-sales services for the construction of rail transit in over 40 cities and over 200 lines across the country.

Three layer architecture to support the green and low-carbon development of the industry

With the continuous expansion of the urban rail network, the total energy consumption and carbon emissions of urban rail in China are also showing a rapid growth trend. Supporting the low-carbon development of the industry from all aspects of the entire life cycle, including planning, design, construction, and operation, is of great significance for achieving the "dual carbon" goal. Schneider Electric relies on a three-layer architecture and platform based on EcoStruxureTM, starting from energy structure optimization, green power use, energy recovery, equipment energy-saving, management energy-saving, and environmental protection equipment selection, to provide comprehensive assistance for the low-carbon and sustainable development of the rail transit industry.

At the level of interconnected products, Schneider Electric can provide a series of intelligent equipment, including circuit breakers and switchgear, to the rail transit industry, helping the industry achieve intelligent management. Among them, green design products represented by air circuit breakers, through resource recycling design, have a renewable utilization rate of over 75%, which can help users reduce energy consumption by 55% while extending the product's service life. In addition, Schneider Electric has innovatively proposed a solution to replace sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) with dry air as an insulation gas in environmentally friendly medium voltage switchgear, which is an important milestone in helping the industry move towards clean, efficient, and low-carbon development.

At the edge control level, Schneider Electric's series of applications and software can effectively cooperate with product equipment, achieve predictive judgment of equipment operation status, quickly determine and locate on-site faults. For example, POI station control experts can design according to standard intelligent distribution structures, quickly generate standard intelligent distribution projects, and help users improve project deployment efficiency. In terms of application analysis and services, Schneider Electric's digital software series can provide users with solution suggestions and operational guidance, helping them move towards unmanned operation and maintenance, and fully enjoying digital and intelligent experiences.

Wei Xiangyu, Market Manager of Schneider Electric Industry, stated: The transportation industry is a strong country, with railways leading the way. Actively exploring the practical path of low-carbon and sustainable development in the rail transit industry is of great significance for promoting high-quality development of the industry and accelerating the construction of a strong transportation country. We will always uphold our mission, continue to deeply cultivate the rail transit industry, and continuously promote the deep integration of energy and rail transit industries through innovative products and full life cycle solutions, helping to promote green and sustainable development of the industry

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